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The Emergency Mind Book

ER doctors or not, we all face emergencies in our lives—times when we must make critical decisions in high-stakes, uncertain, pressure-filled environments. Even with the best possible training, bringing our knowledge to bear in the stress and pressure of these moments can feel overwhelming if not impossible.


In The Emergency Mind: Wiring Your Brain for Performance Under Pressure, Dan Dworkis, MD PhD takes you into the minds of the doctors who run resuscitation rooms and treat the ill and injured to teach you how to perform when the pressure is on. Leveraging the mental models and lessons from his own practice of emergency medicine—as well as from experts in the military, business, and athletic worlds—Dr. Dworkis shows you how to train mentally to perform at your best when you’re needed the most.


Whether you’re an emergency doctor, athlete, medical student, nurse, paramedic, entrepreneur, or anyone else who performs under pressure, The Emergency Mind will teach you simple, concrete steps to wire your brain for the best possible performance and build your own emergency mind. (Affiliate link to support the project below.)

 "The Emergency Mind is Acute Decision Life Support for any emergency clinician who wants to develop the mental models needed to improve team performance "

Felix Ankel, MD 

Medical Director, Education

HealthPartners Institute

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