The Emergency Mind Podcast

EP 42: Captain David Marquet on Intent Based Leadership

Leadership expert and former nuclear submarine captain David Marquet on leading teams under pressure.

41: Katie Rebillot, DO, on Wellness as a Strong Skill

Wellness expert Katie Rebillot, DO, on handling uncertainty, honoring your human system, what wellness really is, and much more.

EP 40: Zack Shinar, MD, on Bandwidth, ECMO, and Resuscitation

E-CPR expert Zack Shinar, MD, on team-based resuscitation, cultural change, building competency, and much more.

EP 39: Erik Antonsen, MD PhD, on Understanding the Human System

Optimizing the human system, handling uncertainty, and planning for the unknown, with emergency doc and aerospace expert Erik Antonsen, MD PhD

38: Drs. Andrea Austin and Dan Dworkis, on Building Brighter Days

Looking back at a year of service during the COVID-19 pandemic, and looking ahead at what comes next with co-hosts Drs. Austin and Dworkis.

37: Cheryl Martin, MBChB, on Mind Full Medicine

Mindfulness, performance, introspection, and building cultures of excellence with emergency physician Dr. Cheryl Martin

36: Stephen Hearns, MB ChB, on Peak Performance Under Pressure

Building individual and team expertise in high-pressure performance in emergency and aeromedical retrieval medicine, with Dr. Stephen Hearns

35: Katelyn Dowling PhD, on Finding Coherence

On deepening and leveraging the connections between your heart and your mind, with Dr. Katelyn Dowling, PhD in Clinical Psychology.

34: Resa Lewiss MD, on Bias and Performance Under Pressure

Processing and responding to bias, aggression, and prejudice while performing under pressure, with ER doctor and educator Resa Lewiss, MD.

33: Bryan Hayes, PharmD, on Building Systems for Mastery

Owning your role in difficult situations, building iterative self improvement, embracing feedback, and much more, with emergency pharmacist, toxicologist, and professor at Harvard medical school Bryan Hayes, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT, FASHP.

32: Phindile Chowa, MD, on Pause and Reflection

Creating space for calm action under pressure, connecting to our common humanity, and the power of pausing to reflect, with emergency physician and podcaster Dr. Phindile Chowa

31: Adam Szulewski MD PhD on Understanding Cognitive Load

Understanding cognitive load theory during a crisis, measuring expertise, building systems to improve performance, and more, with emergency doctor and cognitive load expert Dr. Adam Szulewski.

30: Jimmy Pruitt PharmD on Pride in Preparation

How preparation leads to success, communicating across disciplines, and the interface of clinical pharmacy and emergency medicine with pharmacist and educator Jimmy L. Pruitt III, PharmD, BCPS.

29: Christina Shenvi MD PhD on Raising Your Mean

How to focus your mind during a crisis, build a deeper joy in your work, and raise the average of your everyday, with ER doctor, educator, and stoic Christina Shenvi, MD PhD

28: Annie Duke on How to Decide Under Pressure

How to make better decisions under pressure, with world-class decision expert and former pro poker player Annie Duke: the power of the unexpected, looking for dispersion, and maximizing on our ability to rapidly update mental models.

27: Lauren Allister, MD on Designing Scripts for Mastery

On building technical and emotional protocols to succeed in high pressure pediatric cases, screaming during math class, the value of theater in emergency medicine and much more with ER doctor and Pediatric Emergency Medicine specialist Lauren Allister, MD.

26: Leisa Deutsch, MD on Fueling Emergency Performance

How high performance nutrition helps us apply knowledge under pressure with Leisa Deutch, MD, deputy director of NASA neutral buoyancy lab, ER doc and nutrition expert.

25: Chris Taicher, MD, on Bridging the Why and the How

ER doctor Chris Taicher on being clear about your personal why, then focusing on the gritty details of how you accomplish it.

24: Kristen Holmes, MA, on Performance as a Choice

On the big and little things individuals and teams need to do to set up to perform under pressure and succeed when it matters the most, with Kristen Holmes, VP of Human Performance at WHOOP.

23: Al'ai Alvarez, MD, on Success, Crisis, and Compassion

On defining success in emergencies for individuals and teams, the importance of compassion, and more, with ER doctor, educator, and Stanford Professor Al'ai Alvarez, MD

22: Felix Ankel, MD, on Culture, Form, and Function

On building the structures needed to succeed at resuscitation, synthesizing knowledge, and finding story arcs in unpredictable times, with ER Doctor and Professor of Emergency Medicine Felix Ankel.

21: NEURO x Emergency Mind on High Performance Humanity

On becoming lifelong students of human performance, with Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen: deep thinkers, martial artists, and co-founders of Neuro, a high-performance health and wellness company.

20: Ramin Tabatabi, MD, on Starting Your Journey

Advice on starting new phases of life and responsibility and on learning to fail productively with ER doctor, educator, and residency program director Ramin Tabatabi, MD.

19: Adaira Landry, MD, on Being Free to Walk Away

Exploring different types of stress, thinking about what leaders look like in emergencies, and recognizing that we are not yet our best selves with ER doctor and educator Adaira Landry, MD.

18: Emily Brumfield, MD, on Brining Your Whole Self to Work

Bringing your humanity into your work, applying algorithmic thinking without becoming a robot, and functioning at the edge of uncertainty with ER doctor and educator Emily Brumfield, MD.

17: Kimo Takayesu, MD, on Cheetah Mind, Gazelle Mind, Human Mind

Mastering appropriate focus in the moment and letting go of perfection, with ER doctor, educator, and entrepreneur Kimo Takayesu, MD

16b: Derek Monette, MD, on Processing Emotions On and Off Shift

Bonus round with ER doctor Derek Monette about processing difficult emotions from complex cases both on and off shift.

16: Derek Monette, MD, on Making "Plan B" Part of the Plan

Sticking to the goal, not the plan, the importance of shared mental models, and being mentally flexible during an emergency with ER doctor and educator Derek Monette, MD.

15: Andrea Austin, MD, on Coming Back to Purpose

Finding purpose, hope, and forward movement during the Corona Pandemic with ER doctor and Naval Lieutenant Commander Andrea Austin, MD.

14: Ryan Anderson, Navy EOD Expert, on Standing by for Chaos

How disposing of an explosive device is like approaching a sick patient, how training the basics will save your lives and the lives of others, and how to improve your performance in real-world, potentially unstable situations.

13: Dan McCollum, MD, on Stoic Philosophy During Emergencies

Preparing ourselves to be the best during the worst--Stoic philosophy and emergency medicine with ER doctor, educator, and Stoic Dan McCollum, MD

12: Emily Rose, MD, on Running Your Own Race

Working with the myth of perfection, learning to run your own race, and finding joy as you keep tuning your instrument, with ER doctor and educator Emily Rose, MD

11: Andrew Eyre, MD MS on Signal to Noise and Setting the Tone

Setting the tone in a critical case, optimizing signal to noise ratio for learning, and the joys of simulation with ER doctor and educator Andrew Eyre, MD MS

10: Bret Whitman: Overtrain and Then Let Go

Mental training for big waves and deep dives with freediver, spearfisher, big-wave-surfer, and all-around great dude Bret Whitman.

09: Jodi Strock, LMFT: Mindfulness Can Start Now

Digging in about starting a mindfulness practice and the interaction of body, mind, and emotion in and out of crisis with licensed marriage and family therapist and super cool human Jodi Strock.

08: BJJ Professor Gustavo Gasperin: Don't Panic, Enjoy the Ride

Digging in with multiple-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion Professor Gustavo Gasperin about learning and deploying skills under pressure, the importance of mindset, and choosing to relax instead of panic.

07: Dana Sajed, MD, on Algorithms and Jazz in the ER

Algorithmic and improvisational thinking in music and in the ER with emergency doctor, ultrasound expert, and deeply cool human Dana Sajed, MD

06: MMA Coach Pete Panos on Hoping for Nothing, Fearing Nothing, and Being Free

An interview with MMA Coach Pete Panos about finding calm during a fight and balancing the physical and mental in our training.

05: Amy Hildreth, MD, on Eliminating Unnecessary Opportunities for Failure

An interview with Lieutenant Amy Hildreth, MD, from the Naval Medical Center in San Diego about training for the unexpected and eliminating opportunities for failure.

04: Dan Dworkis, MD PhD on Sangfroid

Sangfroid. Literally: "cold blooded," it' the ability to stay calm under pressure. In this episode, I talk about Sangfroid not as an innate talent but as a skill that each of us can develop, and about several ways we can start training sangfroid today.

03: Andrea Austin, MD, on Simulation, Visualization, and Pressure

On the importance of simulation and visualization training and pressure as a creative force, with Lieutenant Commander Andrea Austin, MD, from the Naval Trauma Training Center at USC + LA County.

02: Erik Anderson, MD, on Compassion and Humility

On the importance of compassion and humility in operating in high stress environments, ideas for working in low-resource rural emergencies, and moving fast and slow during the first minutes of a crisis with emergency doctor Erik Anderson, MD.

01: Dan Dworkis, MD PhD on The Emergency Mind

An introduction to the four things that ER doctors do during times of crisis to stay cool and perform well under pressure.